Issued during the height of the cinematic awards season, these Annual Awards are a look back over the last year of film (based on UK release dates), weighing up the very finest efforts and performances. To offer a different perspective, I also house similar lists by Georgie Oatley and Tim Maytom. Each list is updated annually with links to various reviews. If you have any comments, thoughts or opinions please email them to the relevant individual.

Annual RRH Film Awards
2004 (1st AFA)
2005 (2nd AFA)
2006 (3rd AFA)
2007 (4th AFA)
2008 (5th AFA)
2009 (6th AFA)
2010 (7th AFA)
2011 (8th AFA)
2012 (9th AFA)
2013 (10th AFA)
2014 (11th AFA)
2015 (12th AFA)
2016 (13th AFA)
2017 (14th AFA)