Cinema City Film Quiz #106

[29 September 2013]

Winning Team:
Step Up 4: Miami Sheep

Genre – The inspiring tale of a young dance flock from the mean fields of Somerset, who cross the Atlantic in search of fame and fortune

Runners Up:
My Neighbour Cthulhu
Genre – Family anime horror
War Horse II: Save The Last Prance
Genre – A drama featuring street dressage.. with sexy results
Blue Gnu In A Canoe
Genre – An all-gnu cast tell the John Dawin story, whilst painted blue to symbolise lust
Slappy Meat
Genre – That’s what she said..
Genre – A story of indecision

ROUND I: Pre-Production
1. What is the name of the lead character in Rocky?
2. In The Wizard Of Oz, what is the capital city made of?
3. The following quotes are from which film, “Show me the money” “Help me, help you” and “You had me at hello”.
4. Which film came first Analyse That or Analyse This?
5. Who played the lead roles in Knocked Up? (one point per correct answer)
6. The following is the poster tagline for which film, “The circle of life”
7. What device is used to exit the matrix, in the film of the same name?
8. What is the title of the 2007 comedy about teen pregnancy starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera?
9. Which word links these film titles: Once Upon A Time In The, Side Story and Wild Wild?
10. What was stolen from Pee-Wee Herman in Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure?

ROUND II: Filming [Dancing Animals Special]
1. Basil The Great Mouse Detective is based on which fictional sleuth? Sherlock Holmes? Frank Columbo? Robert T. Ironside?
2. Who plays the title role in the 1998 comedy Dr. Dolittle? Mike Myers? Eddie Murphy? Will Ferrell?
3. Why did Delgado retire from the police department in Beverly Hills Chihuahua? He lost his sense of smell? He accidentally bit the wrong person? He has lost the ability to bark?
4. Stuart Little was released in which year? 1997? 1999? 2001?
5. Which of the kittens in Aristocats is the oldest? Toulouse? Marie? Berlioz?
6. What colour is the title character in Oliver & Company? Grey? Orange? White?
7. In Madagascar, how many penguins make up the group collectively known as The Penguins? 4? 5? 6?
8. The Jungle Book is set in which country? Pakistan? India? Bangladesh?
9. What is the currency in Rango? Water? Gold? Songs?
10. The director of Happy Feet is George Miller, the director of Mad Max. True or False?

ROUND III: Post-Production
1. Name the four animal tokens in Jumanji. (one point per correct answer)
2. Haddonfield is the setting for which film series?
3. What did Terry Gilliam direct after Monty Python And The Holy Grail?
4. Which actor starred in Drunken Master, First Strike and The Tuxedo?
5. LV-426 and Fury 161 are the planetary settings for which science fiction franchise?
6. Before his final confrontation with the skeletons, what is the last mythical beast Jason battles in 1963’s Jason And The Argonauts?
7. How many miles of perimeter fence run along Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park?
8. The following is the poster tagline for which film, “He’s having the day of his life.. over and over again”
9. In both versions of Bedazzled, how many wishes is Stanley/Elliott given?
10. Hammer Film Productions took its name from which London borough?

ROUND IV: Promotion & Release
1. What animal does James see himself as in a nightmare, in the 1996 animated film James And The Giant Peach? Caterpillar? Ladybird? Earthworm?
2. How many characters does Alec Guinness play in Kind Hearts And Coronets? Four? Eight? Twelve?
3. What number is Ben Hur assigned whilst working in the rowing cabin of the Roman warship? 41? 54? 68?
4. How many gunshots are fired throughout Jackie Brown (excluding the Chicks Who Love Guns video)? 3? 9? 15?
5. What nickname is Martha Dunnstock given in Heathers? Martha Dump Truck? Martha Dumbstruck? Martha Dung Stick?
6. In Jaws, how many injuries are drunkenly listed by the Orca crew? Six? Seven? Eight?
7. In The Karate Kid: Part II, the secret Miyagi family technique of block and defence is illustrated with which instrument? Drum? Flute? Gong?
DRUM (Den den daiko)
8. At the start of The King And I, Anna arrives in Bangkok but set out from which country? Ireland? Wales? Scotland?
9. Who received top billing in The Godfather: Part II? Al Pacino? Robert De Niro? Robert Duvall?
10. In the 1966 movie Batman, Batman and Robin are saved by a dolphin that sacrifices its own life by swimming in front of a torpedo. True or False?
TRUE (although it was a porpoise)

Screenshots: To Kill A Mockingbird / Some Like It Hot / Ghostbusters II
Poster: The Poseidon Adventure
Actor: Marlon Brando

Cinema City Film Quiz #105

[15 September 2013]

Winning Team:
Barry Lyndon’s 2001: A Clockwork Shining Metal Jacket

Genre – A searing documentary into Kubrick’s mind

Runners Up:
Not Bill Clay!
Genre – Mistaken identity drama
Die Harder: The Alan Dickman Story
Genre – An army of gigolos dressed as Snape satisfy the Harry Potter fetish crowd. Accio knickers!
Sex Panther
Genre – Sci-Fi Western
Torque Lauda U Hunt
Genre – High octane thriller
The Social Net-Twerk
Genre – Miley Cyrus is a Harvard student with an idea for a dance that will unite the world
Hans – A Tale Of A Half-Blood Prince Of Thieves
Genre – Apathetic crime drama

ROUND I: Pre-Production
1. La Haine is set and filmed in which country?
2. Happy Feet (and its sequel) focuses on which animal?
3. How many Austin Powers films were released?
4. “There can be only one” is the catchphrase from which film series?
5. What colour is Lightning McQueen, in Cars?
6. Who is the lead actor in the Hot Shots films?
7. John McClane is the lead character in which franchise?
8. Who directed The Da Vinci Code, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Apollo 13?
9. The following is the poster tagline for which Disney film, ‘a comedy of Olympian proportions’?
10. What is the name of Bill & Ted’s band, in the film of the same name?
WYLD STALLYNS [bonus point for correct spelling]

ROUND II: Filming [Alan Rickman Special]
1. What is the name of Alan Rickman’s character in the Harry Potter franchise? Albus Dumbledore? Severus Snape? Harry Potter?
2. What is the name of the skyscraper in Die Hard? Clamp Centre? The Glass Tower? Nakatomi Plaza?
3. Of the five headlining actors in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, how many are British? One? Two? Three?
4. In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, how many years pass before Benjamin Barker returns to London? 10? 15? 20?
5. Complete the following quote from Galaxy Quest: “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan..” They will rue the day? You shall be avenged? I will make you pay?
6. How many of the cast members feature on the poster for Love Actually? 8? 10? 12?
7. In Dogma, Alan Rickman plays the Metatron. According to Judeo-Christian apocrypha what is the Metatron? The voice of God? The angel of death? Head choral angel?
8. According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, on what day does the world end? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday?
9. Which Celtic actor plays the unnamed character that assassinates Michael Collins in the film of the same name? Colin Farrell? Gerard Butler? Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
10. The prop liquid that represents the ultimate perfume, in Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer, was watered down Coca Cola. True or False?

ROUND III: Post-Production
1. Name the respective years that Hairspray was made and subsequently remade. (one point per correct answer)
1988 / 2007
2. For how many years has Simon the Holy Man been completely silent in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian?
3. The Final Cut of Blade Runner is how many minutes longer than the Theatrical Cut?
ONE (Final – 117mins / Theatrical – 116mins)
4. What word connects all of these films: Diamond, First, Captain?
5. In the film of the same name, The Hunger Games is an annual tournament. How many have been shown (incl. the latest)?
6. Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Samantha Morton and Nicole Kidman were the original casting choices for which Terry Gilliam film?
7. How many films about Herbie do not have the word Herbie in the title?
8. What song are the six leads dancing to in the final scene of The Full Monty?
9. Who composed the score for Hook?
10. The History Boys is set in which UK city?

ROUND IV: Promotion & Release
1. The following quote is from which Alec Baldwin film, “You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something: I am God.” The Shadow? Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? Malice?
2. In which year did Fox Film Corporation and 20th Century Pictures merge to form 20th Century Fox? 1915? 1925? 1935?
3. A Man For All Seasons focuses on which British monarch? Richard III? George VI? Henry VIII?
4. What is the name of the super-drug combination (described as the Neapolitan of drugs) in Get Him To The Greek? Jeremy? Johnny? Jeffrey?
5. The following films were all scored by which composer: Patton, Alien, Gremlins and The Mummy? Michael Nyman? Elmer Bernstein? Jerry Goldsmith?
6. Kevin Peter Hall was a seven foot actor, known for his roles in heavily made-up suits. Which of the following did he not star in? Harry And The Hendersons? Predator? Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi?
7. What was the title of the first film that Robert Redford both directed and starred in? A River Runs Through It? Quiz Show? The Horse Whisperer?
8. In Gone With The Wind, what does Scarlett’s first husband, Charles, die of? Gunshot wound? Heart attack? Pneumonia?
9. Rob Gordon is the name of John Cusack’s character in which film? Being John Malkovich? Identity? High Fidelity?
10. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were forbidden from being on the set of 1996’s Hamlet at the same time out of a genuine fear that the potential for cracking up cast and crew would have caused major production delays. True or False?

Screenshots: Goodfellas / Godzilla / Spirited Away
Poster: The Terminal
Actor: Joseph Fiennes


Rule The Dark

David Twohy

Vin Diesel
Jordi Molla
Katee Sackhoff

In 2000, a curious low budget science fiction film (Pitch Black) was released that quickly gained a cult following and propelled actor Vin Diesel into the limelight. Simple story, simple structure, simple goals, yet actually quite fun. Four years later, the big budget Chronicles Of Riddick was released and immediately fell on its face for being a bloated stupid mess. Nearly ten years later we have the release of the third instalment (sort of): Riddick. Chronicles Of Riddick closed with ex-convict Riddick in charge of an entire army of space douchebags. But he got paranoid and needed some sort of quest, or to take an oath, it’s not entirely clear and is over in about a minute. Either way, the budget was gone and they needed to get him away from the huge space armada. Cue an obvious betrayal and Riddick is stranded on a desolate world, coming to the conclusion that he “got too civilised.” Fearing the monsters that lie dormant under the surface, who only appear when it rains, Riddick activates an emergency beacon and two sets of mercenaries arrive. The first is your typical, low rent killers with a vile tossbag for a leader: Santana [Molla]. The second seem more equipped and better prepared but have little to no desire to kill Riddick, until he answers a series of questions. Having narrowly defeated one of the creatures that will attack when a coming storm passes over the outpost, Riddick dispatches a few of the mercs before approaching them to strike up a deal.

The character of Richard B. Riddick is much like Marvel’s Wolverine. The guy’s a gruff type with a history of violence but the second you put him front and centre, most people don’t know what to do with him. He’s not really a hero, nor is he a villain and so you get this once captivating individual and you try to flesh out some of the answers and reasons for his actions. Unfortunately, the more you learn about someone like Riddick, the more you strip from the overall presence and mystery that was initially so intriguing. Oh, he’s just some highly-skilled semi-charming murderer; fair enough. Then along comes Chronicles Of Riddick and you’re fed a lot of bullshit about superhuman bloodlines and mystical powers and suddenly your unique killing machine is a little too magical and cosmic; which detracts from his murderous actions ’cause he’s too heroic now. So how does one step back? Simple, you literally abandon Riddick on some rock, a la Pitch Black, introduce a series of ridiculous predators and strip him down to his muscular nudiness to embrace his animal side. The concept is a fairly base one and holds a reasonable amount of potential but without any actual direction or drive, the whole thing comes off as incredibly bloody boring. I’d say unrealistic but that goes without saying. The amount of infections, weight-loss and trauma he would have endured is just absurd.

The rest of the film is a sort of predictable transitionary chapter with no need for a big-screen adaptation. Had this been released like Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury then it might have been appealing but by almost completely retreading the first film (albeit without interesting supporting characters) we know where the film is heading and watching it unfold so slowly and obviously becomes agonisingly painful. That isn’t to say the entire movie is a flaming wreck but every glimpse of narrative hope is dashed away with some cheap nonsense. One contributory factor is the insanely stupid dialogue. Forget clichés and exposition, we’re talking contradictory statements like “I know what they are, they’re called the Vannu.. the serpent” followed by “Whatever the hell they are, they die quick” from the same character moments later! Everything Dhal [Katee Sackhoff] says is irritating but I’ll expand on her character later. The best examples, however, come from Jordi Molla as Santana. Literally everything that falls out of this guy’s face is immensely moronic. “Everyone’s got a box, man. You know?” “How about you stop treading all over my dick” and a whole ream of faux-tough sounding shit that I’ve clearly exorcised from my mind. So with an awful script, the only other saving grace would be the visuals. Granted, the environments are fairly pleasing but a handful of the alien races are of such video-game quality that it verges on embarrassing. The costumes are predictably silly but serviceable and the firearms and ships lack any sort of originality.

**Spoilers within**
So far we have crap story, appalling dialogue and mediocre visuals. To top it all off, the shitty paint by numbers characters are given shitty paint by numbers portrayals by a handful of muscle-headed ‘actors’ who have been solely hired for their looks, rather than their abilities. There’s not a single shred of suspense and this is largely owing to the fact that I couldn’t give a damn about any of them. The first team of mercs are useless and consist of stereotyped hierarchy positions: boss, heavy, tag team, rookie, etc. What’s worse, there’s a scene in which a captive bounty is let loose before being shot down. The wet behind the ears preacher kid assures her that no one will touch her, she simply has to leave. The implication being that she has suffered a great deal of abuse during her captivity. So immediately, these guys are all scumbags. All of them. Don’t care if any of them die. The second group.. I dunno.. they have matching outfits so maybe they’re more official but I got the impression they were still some sort of merc security force or something. Anyway, they’re equally stupid and the big reveal that their leader is the father of Pitch Black character, Johns, is moderately amusing at best. So fuck if they live or die. Come to think of it. I couldn’t even tell you most of their names. This does give rise to one of the strongest elements in the film, specifically Riddick fucking with their heads and generating a wonderful amount of fear. But this is short lived and you’re left urging the bald, goggled lead to take them all out, one-by-one; God knows it would have been easier for him to get off the planet that way.

If you’re the kind of cinemagoer that looks for low-level escapism then Riddick strikes enough positive notes to stand out from the other low-level escapism pieces. And when I mean low-level escapism, I’m referring to the works of Uwe Boll and films like bloody Sharknado. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more layered than a thirteen year old boy’s first attempt at storytelling, then you’ll see it for the shitbox it truly is.

Release Date:
6th September 2013

The Scene To Look Out For:
Riddick trains a puppy. Riddick trains a goddamn puppy. That sentence alone irritates me so fucking much. He gets a puppy so it can grow up to be an adult dog and we can have something for him to talk to rather than resorting to voiceovers. And the second that thing turned up, I knew it would get killed and avenged, both on a level of obvious scripting tropes and the formula ensured that most if not all of the cast would get killed by aliens, so the dog would have to go fairly early on. Either that or the brief cameo by Karl Urban, who turns up, looks fairly bemused before finally pushing out one line, which surprisingly wasn’t, “I’m Judge Dredd and Dr. McCoy, I don’t need this shit.”

Notable Characters:
I hated Dhal. Everything about her character was irritating. Pitch Black had a host of interesting female characters and while Chronicles Of Riddick didn’t, at least we didn’t continually circle the “I’m gonna fuck you, lady” macho bullshit, followed by an equally bullshit outburst of violence from the tough broad. ‘Woah! Don’t mess with her, man! She’s a badass.’ No, she’s just an archetypal strong-woman in a science fiction, whose strength is still steeped in over sexualisation and rape fascination, clearly written by a dude who hasn’t the first clue about women – strong or otherwise. Stapled by the fact that every character interaction with her sounds like this, “Then I’m gonna go balls-deep in Dhal. But only ’cause she’s gonna ask for it so sweet like.” Oh, you also get a very brief glimpse Katee Sackhoff’s breasts. Why is this relevant, I hear you ask? It isn’t. Whatsoever. No need for it. Why is it in the film? To sell tickets to fanboys and Battlestar Galactica fans who will pay to see her naked. Fact.

Highlighted Quote:
“I don’t fuck guys.. sometimes I fuck ’em up though”

In A Few Words:
“The tiny amount of saving graces really aren’t enough to save this monstrously pointless film. Any positive argument made can be immediately superseded with ‘grow up'”

Total Score:



Everyone’s Driven By Something

Ron Howard

Chris Hemsworth
Daniel Bruhl

Set in the 1970’s, Rush tells the story of two Formula One drivers, James Hunt [Hemsworth] and Niki Lauda [Bruhl]. From their early days in the lower Formula Three division, they learn to dislike each other for their completely opposing methods and mindsets. Lauda insists that precision and the right car are necessary to achieve victory, going so far as to buy a share in a small, failing race team in order to compete. Hunt, on the other hand, is an incredibly talented but reckless driver. His natural skill is undeniable but his playboy cavalier attitude and excessive drinking and womanising frustrates the owners and sponsors. What starts as a simple rivalry and difference of opinion soon grows exponentially, egged on by media coverage. Finally, on 1st August 1976, several decisions are made and actions taken by both drivers that lead to a terrible accident and a changed life for one of them. I know that sounds stupidly vague, especially as the film’s marketing goes so far as to outline the entire film but I’ll sidestep that spoiler.. for now.

Rush has all the makings of a summer blockbuster – good cast, high tech computer imagery, international locations, high octane action sequences, sex, drugs, alcohol, scandal, rivalry, shock, drama, thundering score – yet all of this takes a back seat to the heart of the piece, which is the character evolution and development. Much like The Social Network the movie isn’t defined by its subject matter. Many labelled it simply as “the facebook movie” and dismissed it before realising that the core of the film is about obsession, competition, rivalry and betrayal. Equally here, the racing aspect serves as a backdrop. Oddly enough, this is a very British screenwriting trait, as scripts with outlandish action sequences almost always get passed over for budgetary reasons, so instead the ‘competitive racing,’ as it were, needs to be off the track and behind the scenes. As with all of Peter Morgan’s scripts, the events themselves are authentic but everything else weaves in and out of the truth for the purposes of entertainment – which is perfectly fine as the exchanges and creative decisions made play into the interest of conveying that character’s morality and personality. And as I’ve always said, if you are after a simple count of the facts, a documentary would be more suitable. Although how much of the genuine ‘truth’ can and has ever been caught on film is debatable.

Helmed by a wide selection of relatively unknown actors (as far as mainstream audiences are concerned), the roles are carried wonderfully. Hemsworth and Bruhl fully embody and emulate the feel of their characters and immediately give the audience a sense of their similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses, right from the start. Furthermore, the film gives off a sense of partnership, as much as rivalry, to the degree that it’s actually hard to tell who the central character is. At times you could argue that the film is the story of Niki Lauda, a race car driver who suffered a terrible accident and overcame it to achieve incredible victories. Alternatively, you could say that this film is the story of James Hunt, a spoiled immature young man, who meets his match and does everything in his power to overcome this adversary while dealing with a turbulent home life. It’s only in the last few seconds of the film that one could say it is in fact Lauda’s movie. As far as fleshed out supports go, the rest of the cast are simply there to further the story or prompt an emotional response from our leads. For a great many films, this would be a massive detrimental flaw but because there are so many elements working in exquisite harmony, any further detail into the supporting characters would overwhelm the running time and hinder the central story.

No matter what you think of Ron Howard, it is impossible to deny how versatile and capable he is as a director. Of course, I mean this both positively and negatively. His last six films have been so separate from one another in terms of story, setting, cast and cinematographic tonality that it would be incredibly difficult to watch a certain release and immediately identify it as a Howard production. Every action seems to have been taken to ensure a sense of realism and setting is achieved. The production design, in terms of costumes, locations, hair and make-up, etc. really nail that 70’s feel but more than that, the way the sets have been lit and the post production tweaking has really cemented this factor. Then there’s the racing scenes themselves which are absolutely thrilling and compelling, regardless of whether you have an understanding or passion for the sport or not. Add into that the use of multiple languages to ensure a distancing between the two lead characters and a subtly charged score by Hans Zimmer and you have an incredibly powerful and impressive movie.

Unfortunately there will be those who cannot see past the F1 elements, or the choice of casting, or who will simply dismiss this movie as unappealing. I seem to recall a very similar reaction to Slumdog Millionare, right up until the point it started gaining immense popularity with critics and festival audiences. Maybe Rush will do the same, maybe it will surprise us all and strike that perfect middle ground of critical acclaim and box office success. Maybe not. But we can hope.

Release Date:
13th September 2013

The Scene To Look Out For:
The script is filled with charming moments and bursts of humour amidst the heavy drama and tension. One such moment is when the reserved, introverted Lauda meets the young Marlene Knaus [Alexandra Maria Lara]. Their entire first interaction, from his uncharismatic complaining about the condition of her car, to scoring a ride with his own fame (rather than her standing in the road with her thumb out), to finally showing off his racing skill, is just thoroughly entertaining.

Notable Characters:
As stated above, being unable to tell who is the central character, makes pulling a central performance equally difficult. At times all one can see is the bolshy arrogance yet private doubts exuding from Hemsworth. But then you’re presented with the sheer determination of will and underdog nature of Bruhl’s character and you immediately forget about anything else. This film is designed to be about two titans and from the script to the performances, it is in every regard.

Highlighted Quote:
“I believe in a twenty per cent calculable risk. Not one per cent more”

In A Few Words:
“A thoroughly surprising and engaging release, fit, not only for formula one fans but anyone interested in seeing a genuinely compelling and astonishingly equal tale of competitive rivalry”

Total Score:


Cinema City Film Quiz #104

[01 September 2013]

Winning Team:
Bullies Took Our Name :(

Genre – Documentary

Runners Up:
Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Worf
Genre – A look inside the private life of everyone’s favourite Klingon family
The El Adventures
Genre – Science fiction fantasy
Little Children Of Men In Black Beauty
Genre – Apocalyptic horse thriller
Carrie Potter And The Mean Girls Of Monte Cristo
Genre – Ultimate bullying movie
Try Hard With A Vengeance
Genre – Thriller

ROUND I: Pre-Production
1. What is the name of the hero in Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman?
2. The Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return Of The King are instalments of which trilogy?
3. Puss In Boots is a spin-off of which animated film franchise?
4. What is the title to the pseudo-prequel to the Alien saga, directed by Ridley Scott?
5. The Bates Motel is the predominant setting for which Hitchcock film?
6. The following is the poster tagline for which film? “Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe”
7. Voorhees is the surname of the killer in which horror film series?
8. Who directed Panic Room?
9. The following films all starred which actor: Jurassic Park, Iron Man 2 and Django Unchained?
10. In P.S. I Love You, Gerry’s letters instruct Holly to take a trip to which country?

ROUND II: Filming [Films in which a character sacrifices themself for another Special]
1. What was the title of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid? The Kung Fu Kid? The Jujitsu Kid? The Karate Kid?
2. What is the name of the bully in the Back To The Future movies? Biff? George? Doc?
3. Who plays Dave Buznik’s therapist in Anger Management? Al Pacino? Jack Nicholson? Woody Harrelson?
4. How many girls make up the lead group of witches in The Craft? Three? Four? Five?
5. How many Revenge Of The Nerds films have been made to date? Three? Four? Five?
6. How is Carrie humiliated at the prom? Her dress is pulled off? Her mother sings to her? She’s covered in blood?
7. Which of the following films is not about school children hiring an older kid for protection? Drillbit Taylor? My Bodyguard? See You After Class?
8. Once released from his prison of fifteen years and meeting his captor, how many days is Oh Dae-su given to discover the reason for his imprisonment, in Oldboy? Three? Four? Five?
9. What is the name of the child that drowns in Mean Creek? Marty? George? Sam?
10. Food such as sausages, yoghurt and grapes were used for a large amount of the sound effects in Let The Right One In. True or False?

ROUND III: Post-Production
1. Who played the title roles in Sam Peckinpah’s 1973 film Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid? (one point per correct answer)
2. Who directed 1957’s Paths Of Glory?
3. The following are characters from which Disney film: Meeko, Flit and Percy?
4. The first Paranormal Activity was released in which year?
5. What is the plot subject of Primer, i.e. what is it about?
6. What is the name of the musical developed by Prince?
7. Which film stars Steve Martin and John Candy as two men trying to get home for thanksgiving?
8. “Oh hi” and “Oh hey” are said how many times throughout the 2003 film, The Room?
9. Pan’s Labyrinth was nominated for six academy awards, how many did it win?
10. What is the name of Princess Leia’s homeworld, which is destroyed, in Star Wars?

ROUND IV: Promotion & Release
1. What was the title of the first films released by Dreamworks in 1997? MouseHunt? The Peacemaker? Small Soldiers?
2. The Aardman Animations film The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists was renamed to what for US audiences? Let’s Go Plundering? Scallywags Of The Sea? Band Of Misfits?
3. What is the name of Larry’s (black sheep of the family, played by Tom Hulce) son in Parenthood? Cool? Groovy? Bob?
4. The following quote is from which film, “Forget everything you’ve seen on television and in the movies. There’s not gonna be any last minute surprise witnesses. Nobody’s gonna break down on the stand with a tearful confession. You’re gonna be presented with a simple fact: Andrew Beckett was fired”? The Client? Philadelphia? A Time To Kill?
5. What was the eleventh film directed by Clint Eastwood? Pale Rider? Unforgiven? The Outlaw Josey Wales?
6. Troy and Gabriella meet for the first time at what type of party in High School Musical? Last Day Of Summer? Halloween? New Year’s Eve?
7. What is the name of the title character in Pete’s Dragon? George? Elliott? Dennis?
8. Set in Vietnam, where was Platoon filmed? Philippines? Thailand? Malaysia?
9. James Cagney and Jean Harlow appeared in which film together? Blonde Crazy? The Roaring Twenties? The Public Enemy?
10. In 1991 Robbie Coltrane starred as the title character in The Pope Must Die. True or False?

Screenshots: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey / Lethal Weapon 3 / The Birds
Poster: My Left Foot
Actor: Ian McKellen